So we make bottles loved by all Malaysians. This is somewhat a random collaboration to be in, isn’t it?

Last December, we were approached by Joey and Winson to be a part of Joey Mattress’s 2nd Birthday Party. Joey Mattress was turning 2 and they didn’t want it to be a regular ol’ business “birthday celebration”. They wanted their 2nd birthday to be a meaningful one, especially after the 2020 everyone’s had.

They wanted this birthday celebration to

  1. Bring better sleep to all Malaysians (as expected, they are a sleep company after all), and
  2. Do good for the Malaysian startups/entrepreneur community

And that’s where we came in!


The vision for this Birthday project was to start a movement for the good of all Malaysian startups out there, be it big or small. The “support local” movement was HUGE a few months back but seems to have died down recently. However, small Malaysian businesses are still operating and are honestly facing more troubles and obstacles than ever.

It is our hope that by collaborating and cross-promoting this movement and message, we serve as a gentle reminder to all Malaysians that we have great local Malaysian businesses producing great products that are not only comparable to, but even exceed the quality of products produced by international and foreign companies!


We worked together with Joey, Winson, and their team over at Joey Mattress to produce a Good in Bed bottle. Their team and ours put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into creating this product in the hopes that it would give you, our customers, better sleep.

One super-cool fact about this collaboration? It was fully done and completed online, via virtual meetings.

We had all meetings via Google Meet (shoutout to teknologi canggih!) and worked via email and WhatsApp with their team.

Product samples were sent over via courier for them to check over, of course, but there were no physical face-to-face meets throughout this project.

After a few back-and-forths between our teams, we finalised the design of the bottle and sent it into production. It went smoothly from there on and then TA-DA, here we are with the finalised product for this project and collaboration!


We think Joey Mattress has pretty cool wishes for their birthday, which is that

  • Malaysians can rest and sleep better, and that
  • local businesses go back to having great business.

We do echo that. With the vaccines coming, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the ordeal we’re all going through. We do hope that fellow Malaysians out there can start resting well, taking good care of themselves mentally and physically, and most importantly stay hydrated!

We also do hope that the economy for local Malaysian startups gets better because, well, we ourselves are a Malaysian business, so it goes without saying that we’re pretty biased towards wish number 2!

We’re very excited to share this project with everyone, and we hope everyone enjoys the products as much as we enjoyed making them for Joey Mattress! Thank you for your support thus far, because we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Do also remember to support local whenever you can this 2021!

Trust us, we’re good in bed 😉 (and also for the Malaysian economy)!

— — — — —

Joey Mattress, a fast-growing Malaysian startup company, develops high-quality foam mattresses to help Malaysians get premium sleep at wallet-friendly prices. The company was founded by Winson Chong and Joey Tan, two true-blue Malaysians who believe that mattress shopping should be enjoyable and mattress prices should be fair. Today, Joey Mattress serves 10,000+ customers across all 13 states with mattresses made locally in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. To learn more about Joey Mattress and the blue box, go to, follow them on Instagram, and like them on Facebook.