To stay healthy and hydrated while on the go, choose best and favorable reusable water bottles. Be vigilant about the material and features of the water bottle when choosing among large assortment of plastic, glass, stainless steel and aluminium water bottles to protect the quality of your health as well as the environment. Although carrying a water bottle everywhere would feel a bit awkward, but by choosing bottles with chic designs and colors will give you trendier look. You can also encourage juniors to learn drinking with charming kids water bottles and training cups. Keep focus on the basic features of the water bottles along with trendy designs to balance the need of wellbeing and fashion. BROS offers 2-in-1 products that are classy in shapes as well as safe for human health and ecosystem.


Chic colours and designs
Explore BROS range of bottles for swanky colors and finest designs of aluminium water bottles, insulated mugs, junior cups and several other top class varieties. Contrasting hues in pure series will create some ambiance of excitement in your workouts and physical activities. On the other hand crystal plus collection can serve as best kids water bottles due to its cool and bright colors and patterns. The attractive appearance of water bottles will inspire you and your family members to incorporate water bottles in your daily routine.

Free of harmful materials
Whether you pick plastic, aluminium or glass water bottles to keep your body hydrated during long hours at work, school or playground make sure that they do not include dangerous materials. The water bottles manufactured with high quality plastics are safer to use and do not wither in high temperature. Stay away from water bottles that contain BPA (Bisphenol A), a toxic chemical that is perilous for human health and the environment.

Personalised outlook
To make a fashion statement on every appearance you make, now you can match up personalised water bottles. You can pick the glossy and stylish aluminum water bottles to make it personalise with titles or names, or go for kristal klear Bros series to complement a chic and classy look. You can also opt for crystal plus as kids water bottles due to their delightful designs. On the other hand, select pure collection to jazz up your sports attire or just get a double walled mug to harmonize professional look.

Insulated options
To keep your drink steaming hot or chilled in summers, go for insulated options that are safe yet super stylish. BROS gives you different design options in mug2go that can keep your beverages at the same temperature till 6 hours without spoiling the taste. These mugs are not just cool in look,s but are leak proof and BPA free.