Although kids water bottles, mostly come in plastics that are weightless and colorful, but latest trend of aluminium water bottles replaced kids bottle at school due to many reasons. They also include several valuable features and benefits specifically for small children in terms of health, general safety, aesthetics and easiness in usage. While taking a water bottle to school kids desire some basic aspects that make the bottle appealing. The kids water bottles are not just a source of water for them, but they are pleasurable and fun filled gear for them. For parents, the aluminium bottles are more reliable as they offer much better attributes than other materials. They are also alluring to children due to glossy and bright designs. Here are more aspects that proof that aluminium water bottles are truly divine for school going kids.


Safe and healthy

High quality aluminium bottle with internal protective coating is safest option among plastics and steel water bottles. The inside coating not only keep the water safe from rust and stains, it also protects from leaching and emergence of terrible odor. Being Bisphenol-A free material, aluminium bottles are highly endorsed as pro-health and harmless type of water containers in the market.

Lighter to carry
School going children needs to hold school stuff along with lunch box and water bottles on a daily basis, which gets tough if the objects are heavy. Small kids cannot hold weighty objects to school, that’s why aluminium water bottles are suitable for them. They can carry them along with lunch box quite easily and enjoy their school activities by taking the water bottles along for staying hydrated throughout the day.

Attractive outlook
The best thing in kids water bottles is their outlook and design, that should be tempting enough to captivate the attention and make kids use them. Aluminium bottles are best in the category of pleasant water bottles these days. Smooth and shiny outlook with bright and bold colors are the prominent qualities. Customization option is also a great temptation for kids that looks superb on aluminium material. They are also available in famous themes of different movies and cartoon series.

Convenient holder
The simplest and convenient feature of aluminium water bottles is the small holder on top of the bottle. Kids can pick the bottle by tucking the fingers in the holder effortlessly. It allows them to take the bottle to the playground or other extracurricular activities without fuss. It makes the category more reliable, beneficial and accommodating for parents as well as for kids.