Keeping your little ones involved in healthy and playful activities needs some extra care to balance the exertion with relaxation. Long summer beach outings, picnic or play dates should be accompanied with energising fresh fruits and water. Take along kids water bottles to make them drink water on and off through the day to keep them hydrated. Otherwise sweat and exertion will make them loose important minerals of body if it gets dehydrated. If you buy bottled water for kids on routine, it will drain your budget as well as make you kid infected. Always use safe plastic and aluminium water bottles to give your toddler best source to drink water in scorching heat. Consider your kid’s age, interests and limitation to handle the bottle as you pick one for him.


Light weight
If you are taking to kids to a park picnic or camping adventure, it would be hectic to carry all the stuff on your own, the best way to lessen your burden is to let your kid hold some of their belongings. One of best option is to hand over kids water bottles to them to use them as they get thirsty. You must pick small and light weight aluminium water bottles for kids, so they can handle it easily without your help.

One touch lid
To give your kids the freedom of holding and using kids water bottles by themselves, you must purchase the bottle style that can be handled with one hand smoothly so they can drink the water without any hassle. Although you would find several options in plastic, glass and aluminium water bottles, but one touch lid sipper bottles are extremely supportive for kid’s self usage. They just need to press the lid button and sip water without dripping it.

You small angels are quite passionate about their belongings and they love to own them with personalised touch. You can give them another attractive gear to add in their possession. Get kids water bottles in latest cartoon theme or aluminium water bottles with monogrammed name letter as special gift for the kid.It will not only make them happy to see their name or favourite character on the bottle but will also instigate them to use the bottle to drink often.

BPA free
Parents must be aware of the quality of kids water bottles before buying one for their children. Any style or design you choose, make it sure that the bottle is BPA free which is dangerous element in plastic water bottles. BPA material is not just bad for health but also dangerous for the environment in which your kid will survive.

Taking care of your toddlers also include care about their surroundings and quality of living. You must make use of items that are eco system friendly and non-toxic to the environment. The kids water bottles that you buy must be recyclable to the maximum level to avoid hazardous effects on the quality of life.