Cleaning kids water bottles to remove impurities, leftovers and tacky smell due to regular usage, you must be aware of the effects of cleaning materials used for the purpose. You can wash the plastic and aluminium water bottles in a straightforward way, but it will not make the bottles completely disinfected to provide safe drinking water to your kids. Leaving contamination inside the bottle can generate harmful bacteria to instigate chronic diseases, especially for the digestive system. Using hard cleaning solution or treat them roughly can damage the bottle material and decrease its life. To sustain the quality and status of the kids water bottles you must pick safe as well as effective cleaning materials and objects for better sterilisation. You can implement one or multiple ways to clean up bottles with complete satisfaction.


Overnight boiling water soaks
In case of unavailability of dishwasher, other effective methods of sterilisation should be applied to attain the target. Boil water in a deep container and put some detergent or cleaning solution in it, dip kids water bottles in it and leave for overnight. Rinse them two to three times at morning and get refreshing bottles.

Baking soda and water soak
Other than synthetic cleaning agents, natural cleansers can also be utilised to make the bottles sanitised, germ free and sparkling. Baking soda is a miraculous natural cleaning ingredient to wash and clean stained containers with bad smell. Soak all kinds of bottles and cups used for kids in the baking soda water solution for a couple of hours and wash with plain water.

Try vinegar
Vinegar is another deep cleaning agent to wipe off all the germs and smell from aluminium water bottles and other kind of kids bottles. Soak bottles in diluted vinegar solution and make it stay for overnight, wash with regular detergent to get sparkling smell-free bottles.

Use cleaning tablets
Many manufacturers of kids water bottles have launched cleaning tablets to let you get rid of tacky smell, stains and bacteria with ease. Fill the bottle with water and drop a bottle cleaning tablet in it. Let it dissolve and kill all the microbes to give you a dazzling spotless bottle.


Indeed, there are many ways to disinfect kids water bottles properly to provide safe drinking water to your kids. However, it is advisable to check with the product manufacturer on the best way of cleaning the kids water bottles to ensure a long life of good use.